How To Order The Perfect Wedding Cake

You’ve spent every weekend looking at wedding dresses, and most of your lunch hours googling wedding venue ideas – but what about the cake? We asked wedding cake expert Angela Baldwin from Little Red Robyn Cakes to share her insider secrets on wedding cake trends for 2019, the biggest mistakes most brides make and of course, how to order the perfect wedding cake.

1) What has been the most popular wedding cake your clients have been asking for recently?

Semi-naked cakes have really been dominating over the last 18 months. The incorporation of a drip has become more common in the last 12 months. With a movement toward a more relaxed style for most brides when it comes to the overall feel for the wedding, this trend has really leant towards that, and it can also be decorated to work with a lot of styles, from modern to rustic. I usually encourage brides to personalise this with elements from their overall floral design incorporated into the cake decoration to help tie all elements together, a personalised topper such as those made by local supplier K.Y Designs (a Love + Light 2018 participant) or even something featuring the signature colour from their wedding.

2) What have you noticed becoming less popular?

I think people who want to make a statement are starting to move away from the semi-naked cake style, as it’s so predominant. Requests for wedding cupcakes and macaroons have also really declined in recent times – they have been replaced more by doughnuts and personalised cookies as edible guest gifts.

3) Which wedding cake should we expect to see all over our Insta feeds?

There is certainly a move back towards fondant finishes, as brides realise that ‘fondant’ no longer means ‘almond paste’ underneath, as most wedding cake decorators these days cover their cakes with a layer of decadent ganache, and fondant also gives a much wider array of textured finishes. Couples are also personalising their cakes more using the different options that fondant gives – as well as it being much more forgiving in the higher temperatures seen during the hotter, more popular wedding months.

4) What other wedding cake ideas are going to be on-trend in 2019?

Couples are becoming more adventurous with their cake choices as they realise they can have whatever they choose to individualise their wedding! Some of the trends that we’re seeing coming through include:

  • Black + navy cakes

  • Geometric shapes

  • Multi-cake tables

  • Miami-inspired bright greenery

5) Most memorable wedding cake you’ve created recently?

A spectacular 4-tier cake that was predominantly white with a simple design and touches of gold, then a spectacular spray of handmade sugar flowers across the front. The flowers were all hand-coloured to match the bride’s bouquet and the dusty rose tone of the bridesmaids dresses. It was simple, yet elegant, with the sugar flowers being the real defining feature.

6) Biggest challenge you’ve overcome as a wedding cake artist?

For a long time I used to be terrified of making sugar flowers, but once I found a style that suited me after attending a private class with the amazing team behind Sugar Ink in Melbourne, I can now happily sit there for hours and make them (which is usually the time it takes to make dozens and dozens of them!).

7) The one mistake many people make when choosing their wedding cake?

People often don’t consider the importance of the taste or the quality of the cake. Couples often don’t think of how they are going to use their cake. People shouldn’t assume they just need to have a cake that looks good, because wedding cake is ‘always terrible’ – you are paying for a gorgeous cake, and you are sure paying enough that it should taste as good as it looks, if not better! When sending out initial enquiries to your desired decorators, ask if packet mixes are used and if tasting packs or tasting sessions are available. I know as a mum who runs her business from home that face-to-face meetings can be hard to co-ordinate, but I can easily deliver or post tasting packs to clients. Don’t waste your money on something that people will leave behind on their plates at the end of the wedding because it’s too dry or tastes artificial!

8) What else should brides remember when ordering their wedding cake?

If you already have dessert included in your venue package, then you don’t need to have enough cake to serve everyone their own individual slice. Consider small platters of cake to go to the tables with tea and coffee, or have it cut and put into personalised bags or containers as the bonbonniere – and no, I don’t mean those white bags with the silver rings or doves printed on the front - or even save the whole thing to be served as part of the recovery brunch the next day! Another tip: If you love the look of a big cake but don’t need the large number of serving sizes, then consider having half or more of your cake made from polystyrene. This will slightly reduce cost too.

9) The biggest piece of advice you’d give to a bride planning her wedding?

Do what you want and be honest when communicating what you want and how much you can spend in your initial enquiry. I promise this doesn’t mean that someone won’t engage with you if your budget is too small and dreams too big, it just means we can show you options of what can fit in your price range that will still work with the style you’re after. Often brides send an image and ask how much the wedding cake will cost, and when the quote comes back at more than expected, they are disappointed and stop there. Let the cake designer give you options – send them the styles you’re interested in, the numbers you need to cater for and the budget you want to work with and go from there. It can be a discussion of what can work rather than a flat yes or no, which is much more disheartening. The whole planning process is supposed to be fun, not leave you feeling flat. And if you do enquire in this way and the response is negative, then just stop. If they don’t sound like they are right for you, or if their style doesn’t really fit, then just say thank you and move on. All the suppliers you work with for your wedding need to be your kind of people. It’s a relationship where you work together for the best outcome.

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