Wedding Insider: Why Less Is Best

We asked Lara from wedding makeup specialists The Silken Dragonfly to reveal all, from what not to do on your big day to the rise of understated elegance.

Tell us about what you do?

We cater for all things beauty and advanced skincare. We pride ourselves in special occasion makeup and group treatments leading up to your special day. Champagne, anyone?!

What do you think makes a great wedding?

Love and laughter!!!

What is the most special part of working on a wedding for you?

Our work is very personal, which means we make a connection with everyone who walks through our door. People are what we live for, and being able to experience those emotional moments with our clients is a very special thing. We just melt when the fathers of the brides are around. It's so cute! It's not very often you get to see a full grown man all emotional and just as nervous as the bride. Weddings bring out the best in a lot of people, whether it be that bride’s smile, the father of the bride 'delivering coffee' (just to see how she is doing) or the tans and champagne leading up to the big day – those are the moments where I have to stand back and pinch myself and think, we get to be a part of this!!

Is there one mistake you see many couples make?

Yes, some stress too much and don’t relish being in the moment. The day always goes so quickly, so it’s important to just sit back and enjoy it.

The biggest wedding trend you’ve seen in the last year?

I’m loving the simplicity of the weddings this year. Less is best and I just love understated elegance. Oh and did I mention loafers? The grooms are looking very swish lately. Can I do my wedding again?

What’s the most wonderful thing about getting married in the Rutherglen region?

The versatility of such a little place is what I think is wonderful about choosing to have your wedding in Rutherglen. From the river to the vines, the historic factories to the high-class restaurants – oh and of course all the amazing creative people behind the scenes! We are super lucky to have so many awesome, fun people to collaborate with!

What is the one piece of wisdom you would offer a bride planning her wedding?

Don't forget the reason for getting married. You have so many people to try and please, but in the end it’s all about you two.

You can meet Lara from The Silken Dragonfly (and ask her everything you want to know about wedding makeup!) at the Love + Light Wedding Festival, to be held in Rutherglen on February 16-17, 2019. You can find more info here and buy your tickets here

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