Wedding Insider: Why Your Wedding Won’t Look Like The Ones On Pinterest (And Why That’s A Good Thing

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Wedding Insider: Why Your Wedding Won’t Look Like The Ones On Pinterest (And Why That’s A Good Thing)

Who better to get wedding advice from than someone who has photographed dozens and dozens of them? We asked wedding photographer Tina Bingham from Peppermint Studios to share all, from why you should make your big day all about you to why you should back away from that Pinterest board.

Is there one mistake you see many couples make?

Micro-organising, and dare I say it, over-Pinteresting! I’d recommend concentrating on the basic vibe, trust in your vendors and the rest will happen.

In terms of styling, what is the biggest wedding trend you’ve seen recently?

Gold spray-painted foliage for bouquets. Oh, and the Pampas grass! I am not a florist but wow, that has been big.

What are your best words of wisdom for brides planning their wedding?

Make it as much about you as you can. Your wedding isn't going to be just like that one you saw on someone’s Instagram or Pinterest, it’s about YOU. So go forth make it happen. Also, remember to take advice from your vendors – they do this stuff all the time. After that, it’s just sit back and enjoy this crazy fun ride!

Why do you love shooting weddings?

I love being a wedding photographer; it’s such a privilege. Every wedding story is different and the challenge to tell the story that couples will look back on gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. I can't imagine a more rewarding job.

What do you think makes a great wedding?

The obvious thing is just two people in love. Second to that, I would say good planning and good vendors. Getting everything sorted beforehand means the only thing you need to do on your wedding day is to enjoy and savour every moment.

What’s the most wonderful thing about getting married in the Rutherglen region?

It’s the best of both worlds. The amazing vendors would easily compete amongst the best in Sydney and Melbourne, and on top of that, this beautiful region and countryside is sublime!

You can meet Tina from Peppermint Studios (and ask her everything you want to know about getting the perfect wedding photos!) at the Love + Light Wedding Festival, to be held in Rutherglen on February 16-17, 2019. You can find more info here and buy your tickets here

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