How to Create Wedding Day Memories That Last for Generations

A picture tells a thousands words. And a wedding album? Well, that tells thousands of words for generations to come, says photographer Kelsey Freeman.

What do you think makes a great wedding?

I think the best weddings are those where the couple doesn't get to caught up in all the little things, but remembers why they are having this day in the first place - to marry the love of their life.

What was the most memorable wedding you’ve worked on and why?

It was forecast to rain about an hour before the ceremony was due to start and [the couple] had planned for it to all be outside under a gorgeous big tree. The rain came and the bride was a little disappointed but was OK [with the fact] that everything would have to be moved inside for their day. They delayed the ceremony a bit, hoping that the sun would pop out and about 15 minutes before the ceremony was due to begin, the sun came out with blue skies in all its glory. The groom said, ‘'I can’t have my bride standing inside but looking at sunshine out the window, let’s move it back outside!' So all the guests grabbed a chair and ran them outside in about five minutes, only for the bride to walk down the aisle with the sun beaming down and into a gorgeous heartfelt ceremony. There wasn't a dry face in sight.

Why are you so passionate about what you do?

Our wedding day only happens once in our lives and after the day is done, photos are the only thing we have to remember it by. In 20, 30 or 50 years time, we will be sitting on the couch with our children and our children's children looking through our wedding album and remembering what a beautiful day we had. That's what makes me so passionate about capturing the ‘now’ moments: so that people can treasure them for many, many years to come.

What’s the most wonderful thing about getting married in the Rutherglen region?

There are so many amazing venues in this region that have their own feel to suit what you like. And Albury Wodonga is so close that if you need to pop into town for flowers or hair and make-up, you can!

Is there one mistake you see many couples make?

The biggest mistake I see couples make is they finish the ceremony and walk down the aisle and then split in two different directions. They get to the end of their day hardly seeing the one they married and have two very different stories to tell of their day!

Best words of wisdom for couples planning their wedding?

The more organised you can be before the day, the easier the day will be. Communicate clearly to your vendors what you want and make sure everyone is on board. This will ensure that on the day you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Talk more about worry-free wedding days with Kelsey at the Love + Light Wedding Festival in Rutherglen on February 16-17, 2019. Find more info and buy your tickets here.

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