The Ultimate Case for Forgetting Wedding Fads - And Trusting Your Gut

The fresh flowers and personalised posies from Beechworth Floral Designs defy trends and ensure timelessness - the latter being the linchpin of a truly beautiful wedding, explains florist Gina Kromar.

Why are you passionate about what you do? As a young child, I remember flowers being a big part of my childhood. There were always flowers throughout the house. I would often follow my grandmother into the garden and help her collect flowers and we’d spend hours arranging them together. The thing I find most special about flowers is not just their ability to decorate a room, but the way they convey emotions and the joy this creates.

What do you think makes a great wedding?

Sharing it with the most important people in your life - having your friends and family around you to celebrate this special day is truly the most wonderful thing.

What’s the most wonderful thing about getting married in the Rutherglen region?

For me, the North East Victoria region is a familiar territory, it’s a cultural oasis, where I call home even when I’ve lived miles away, and my paradise. I truly couldn’t imagine a lovelier place to be married.

Is there one mistake you see many couples make?

Yes - choosing a fad over something that personally speaks to them. It’s so important to make it your day not somebody else’s. Leave the Pinterest board at home! It’s the number one reason why we do bespoke designs, not packages - it’s so important for the flowers to reflect you.

What’s your best tip for couples planning their wedding?

An oldie but a goodie, stay true to yourself! Make your wedding personalised to you.

See how Gina’s floristry genius can help you stay true to yourself at the Love + Light Wedding Festival in Rutherglen on February 16-17, 2019. Find more info and buy your tickets here.

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