2020 wedding invitation trends

Invitations by Quill Designs

Let’s be honest, envelopes aren’t something people normally get excited about. But when it comes to choosing your wedding invitations, suddenly paper stock options, envelope liners and font choices are right up there with that time you went to Disneyland. Remember the crazy teacup ride? Yep, just the thought of gold foil calligraphy is making us giddy!

But now’s not the time for dizzy decisions. Check out these divine wedding invitation trends to stop you, and your guests, in your tracks.


No doubt your Grandma’s wedding invitations featured some of this pretty penmanship – so how is calligraphy trending again? Hear us out. Gone are the days of ornate curls and fanciful flourishes, calligraphers of the 21st century are offering entirely new, fresh, and modern moves that really pack a punch when it comes to your wedding invite lettering. Calligraphy doesn’t have to fill the entire page either – use it as an elegant way to highlight your names or wedding date.

Envelope liners

First impressions count, and the inner layer of the envelope is the first thing guests see when opening your invitation. So why not have a little fun by using bright colours and motifs that match your wedding theme? A quirky sketch of the happy couple or a hand-drawn map to the wedding venue are also popular choices. After a more classic design? Your wedding date rests beautifully on an envelope liner, while also serving as a handy reminder for your excited guests.

Gold foil

We’re sorry, but if you can’t legitimately use gold foil everywhere possible on your wedding day, when can you?! Use it to highlight key details like your names, RSVP and wedding dates and venue location. Not the golden type? Give other metallics like silver foil, copper or the ever-popular rose gold a whirl. Whatever colour you decide, this design trend is all about embracing

the glitz and glamour of your big day.


Fact: your wedding day is probably going to be the most wonderfully fancy day of your life. Therefore, you need a monogram… seriously. This new and exciting trend sees designers carefully create a custom monogram that’s unique to you and your other half. Include your favourite flowers, beloved pet dog, cat or fish… even your favourite foods and drinks can make the final cut for the quirkier couples among us. What’s more, the end product can be used across other wedding elements too, such as the welcome sign and seating plan, table napkins, and even as a truly one-of-a-kind cake topper.

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