Top 5 signs a Destination Wedding is your Perfect Match

Your big day isn’t the time for regrets, so if you want a wedding with that little bit extra you really have to give it some thought. But how to choose between a destination wedding or something closer to home? Here's our five top signs to know whether a celebration further afield is your Perfect Match.

When you’re standing at the altar it’s too late to wish you’d gone ahead and booked that destination wedding after all. It may have been a voice whispering in your ear or a lifelong vision to marry in an idyllic retreat, but it’s essential to honour your dreams on the biggest day of your life. So how do you know if a destination wedding is right for you? Well it goes a little like this…

1. You always find yourself wanting that bit extra

Just like nobody puts Baby in the corner, you’ve never been someone that can be pigeonholed and told what to do. Your life is never predictable and you like to leave people guessing… so why would your wedding day be any different? More an event – a festival of love even – it’s going to be a celebration of everything you hold near and dear, in a place perfect for memory-making, fun and excitement.

2. You love watching your friends and family have fun

As much as this is all about your partner and you, at the end of the day you just love knowing that everyone’s having fun. By having your wedding away from the everyday rat race, your besties have plenty of time to get their party on – no one wants to hit the dance floor straight from the office! Instead, they can arrive at your destination wedding location, relax and recharge ready for whatever you’ve got planned (and then some!).

3. You’re devoted to taking the road less travelled

As a free-spirited, happy wanderer you’ve been to some amazing places over the years and always have travel plans on the horizon. It doesn’t necessarily have to be far – you can find adventure just travelling to a nearby town – you’ve got a knack for seeking out the exciting and new. It’s what your friends and family know and love you for, that bright spark on the horizon that shines whenever you’re around.

4. Gift-giving isn’t just about you and your special day

You’ve got more than an inkling that planning an epic Destination Wedding will be like a gift to your guests when they discover a new area they’ve never been before… and you want the whole event to be one big box of delights tied neatly with a shiny red ribbon. You want your family and friends to enjoy every element of your celebration, from the carefully planned menu to the tailored cocktails and sommelier-selected wines.

5. You love creating max FOMO amongst your tribe

You seem to have been born with one idea after another… and your Destination Wedding is going to be the perfect arena for that sparkling creativity. Far away from traditional expectations of what a wedding should be, you’re determined to pull off a unique celebration that makes everyone wish they’d thought of it first. You know it’s not compulsory to go over the top, but you’re detail-driven and know how to make things count.

So how many signs did you match on your way to planning a Destination Wedding? Here’s our sensational score chart.

1-2: Even if you’ve got the slightest hint that you want a wedding out of the ordinary, you have to explore the idea further. Make it easy to choose with simple list of pros and cons.

3-4: Who are you trying to convince? This score is so close to being a 5, that I don’t even know why you’re still asking. Find a location, get your wedding planner on board and make it happen!

5: What are you waiting for? Knowing you, the venue’s already been booked for months! The only surprise is that you’ve even taken the time to read this post. Later babes!

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