6 things to DIY for your wedding

A DIY wedding is about so much more than saving a few extra pennies for the honeymoon. Lovebirds who choose to go down this path are often creative souls, keen to seize the opportunity to put their own stamp on things to create a unique, intimate and passion-filled event.

Keen to give it a go for yourself? Here are six things you can DIY for your own big day.

1. The venue

When it comes to location, couples are often choosing to leave the DIY to Mother Nature by hosting outdoor wedding ceremonies. Beaches, parklands, or a family member or friend’s backyard come with a significantly reduced price tag, while offering up a blank canvas to bring your vision to life. (Just be sure to check if you need to secure a permit.)

2. The reception

Nature is making a regular appearance at DIY wedding receptions, too. Party on in that friend’s backyard, pitch a teepee or two for a boho chic vibe, or perhaps you can utilise a barn on a nearby property for a more rustic feel? Sometimes, there’s no need for walls at all – an abundance of fairy lights, strung-up beneath the stars, will create magical moments all night long.

3. The invites

While DIY paper wedding invites serve up a beautiful, personal vibe, truth be told it can be time-consuming and offer no significant savings. So why not embrace your inner eco-warrior and send electronic invites instead? Tech-savvy brides and grooms are taking it one step further by creating their own personal wedding website, where guests can RSVP, share dietary requirements and check out the gift list at the same time.

4. The flowers

These days, there’s not much a professional florist can offer that you can’t find at your local flower markets. So, get your bridesmaids together and make a day of it! Early morning – hit the flower markets. Midday – lovely lunch. Afternoon – flower arranging. You’ll be making precious memories along with your gorgeous bouquets.

5. The catering

Don’t panic, we’re not suggesting you cater your entire wedding day. Although, some folks from big families who love to cook might have that option! But on a smaller scale, DIY brides and grooms are inviting their guests to contribute to a ‘bake-off’ – helping to create a glorious goodie-packed dessert table for their sweet-toothed guests.

6. The wedding favours

And finally, wedding favours are a pretty simple part of the wedding to DIY. Going classic? Source some sugared almonds, pop them in a pouch and you’re done. After something a bit more cheeky? Some brides and grooms are supplying bottles of water with ‘hangover kits’ attached – in other words, small pouches filled with paracetamol and Berocca for the morning after. But if you’re looking for something a bit more heartfelt, consider donating to charity on behalf of all your guests instead. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, long after the wedding day.

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