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    Real Wedding: Emma + William

    This too-sweet couple attended the inaugural Love + Light Wedding Festival in 2018, where they promptly booked almost their ENTIRE wedding thanks to the band of talented vendors at hand! Here’s how their incredible day turned out…

    Bride: Emma Knee

    Groom: William Phanith

    Wedding date: 15.12.18

    Wedding location: Tuileries Rutherglen

    Number of guests: 8

    Bridal party: 11

    Ceremony time: 3:00pm

    Reception time: 6:30pm

    Emma was studying to be a teacher and working lots of random jobs to pay the bills, Wil was the knight in shining armour who worked in recruitment and saved Emma from paying half of her wage in tax! After many unanswered phone calls from Wil because she was extremely busy, Emma finally received a text which read, ‘if you do not submit your tax declaration, your pay will be taxed at 50% this week’ within minutes, Emma made arrangements to meet with Wil and fill in her tax file form. The rest you could say is history – the perfect fairytale.

    Tell us about the proposal… In 2017, on our one-year anniversary, Wil proposed while on holidays in Japan amongst the cherry blossoms. He did get down on one knee and had me in tears with this very thoughtful book he had ordered online about all of the things he loved about me. He said it wasn’t easy for him, he had to hide the ring from me but not look like he was trying to smuggle something through the airport!

    Where was your wedding ceremony?

    At Tuileries in the archway overlooking the vineyards

    Where was the reception?

    At the Tuileries reception room

    How many times did you visit the location when planning your wedding?


    What about styling - did you have a theme for your wedding?

    Rose gold and navy was our colour scheme, but anything that was just ‘us’!

    How did you find your venues and main suppliers?

    Most of them we found at the Love and Light festival in 2018.

    How long did you spend planning your wedding?

    18 months.

    What was your favourite photograph from your wedding day and why?

    Our relationship is full of love and laughter, this photo is one of many favourites of the day.

    What tips would you give a couple planning a wedding in North East Victoria?

    Go to as many places as possible and book in a time to see them set up. Definitely go to the Love and Light festival to see examples of so many talented vendors all on the one day. There are so many small details that you don’t think of, but going to an event like this definitely helped us remember things we would never have thought of.

    What are you glad you did on the day?

    I am so glad we all stayed at the winery the night before, it was so nice to spend some quality time with my bridesmaids and not feel rushed the morning of the wedding. I am also really glad we chose to make a love box a part of our ceremony. It contains a bottle of wine from the year and venue of our wedding with notes to each other, and we will open the box on our first wedding anniversary. We are also really relieved that we had a videographer put together a highlights reel for us. It really captured our personalities and is something that we will always get excited over.

    Your best advice for other brides planning their wedding?

    Don’t let people's opinions get to you, let them have their say and kindly thank them for their ideas. After all this is your day and if you take their ideas on board that is wonderful, but if you don’t, it’s no stress.

    Are there any standout vendors from your wedding you would recommend to others?

    Tuileries made everything so simple

    Briony Hardinge captured such gorgeous photos

    TheKickBack created the best wedding video we could have asked for

    The Real Florist supplied stunning bouquets

    Alison at Little Wings Bridal Boutique was an absolute legend and so talented

    The moment/s from your wedding day that you’ll never forget?

    Dancing in the vineyards with my new husband

    Having my lovely kindergarten teacher as my celebrant

    The food!

    The cake!


    Ceremony Location: Tuileries

    Reception Venue: Tuileries

    Catering: Tuileries

    Wedding planners: Andrew and Audra

    Stylist: Ourselves

    Invitations: VistaPrint

    Photographer: Briony Hardinge

    Celebrant: Sharon Milsome

    Flowers: The Real Florist

    Wedding Dress: Little Wings Bridal Studio

    Shoes: Novo

    Jewellery: Angus & Coote

    Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Esplana Bridal

    Makeup and Hair: Hair Bree at Tokoya Makeup By Sheena Leigh

    Suits: Ferrari

    Music: Liam Dalby

    Transport: Martins Albury

    Video: The KickBack

    Cake: Sheena Evans

    Gifts: De’arna Rae Soaps of Distinction