Make a Statement with Epic Wedding Florals.

Bold floral displays create massive impact on your best day: think hanging greenery, bloom-covered bowers and over-the-top venue backdrops.

Unleashing your creativity on your florals becomes part of the fabric of what makes a day your own. Lush botanicals bring your wedding to life, complement styling and make a memorable statement.

You’ll never regret the investment you make on great quality florals, so don’t skimp when it comes to planning.

Statements for your tribe – say it with flowers.

Layering up the details for your wedding florals involves having an overview of how your day’s going to pan out, who’s going to be in the spotlight and where it’s all going to unfold. We get that it’s huge to put all the pieces together, but a clearer vision will help your floral specialist pull off an epic performance. Work out everyone in your tribe who’ll need a special something: bouquets and boutonnieres for the bridal party, florals for parents and other close family members. You may extend this to some of your besties who aren’t in the bridal party - a significant gesture to show them how much they mean.

Tapping into your inner Floralista.

Pinterest has made it so much easier for us to run away with the flower farm fantasy - the one where you’re basking in a field of dahlias at the dusky end of day. This is right where you’ve got to picture yourself when you’re planning florals so they truly reflect your vision. It’s the florals that will feature in all your wedding photos and forever remind you of your best day. They play an enormously symbolic role, from unearthing the traditional language of flowers (Want true love? Stick a forget-me-not in your bouquet!) to choosing blooms that reappear as gifts each anniversary.

Going over the top with high-impact florals.

Choosing the right florals to complement your styling brings a luxurious twist to your best day. You’ll be celebrated as a tastemaker by going all out, with over-the-top greenery that brings a venue to life. Boho styles are big into oversized florals including feathery soft pampas grass and densely structured tropicals, while we’re seeing darker, moodier blooms come into play for modern contemporary themed events. Simple white roses are always timeless - no matter what your styling - and blowsy blooms including oversized peonies always offer a hint of romance. Your floral specialist will be able to provide options that bring your vision to life if you get stuck.

Finding the right specialist to help create your vibe.

As with putting together your entire wedding team, when it comes to finding the right floral professional you’ve got to find someone who really gets what you want. It’s no use talking about the latest trends on Instagram, if they’re not online themselves. You really want a floral specialist that’s warm, accommodating, on-trend, creative and adaptable – the necessary skills to bring your dream to life. In saying that, also understand that seasonal variations will apply and you may have to be flexible with your choices, or be prepared to pay a premium. It’s all part of the give and take of wedding planning and another step on the exciting adventure you’re about to begin!

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