How to choose a wedding venue with your heart, not your budget

When you’ve got champagne taste on a beer budget, narrowing down a wedding venue can be tricky – especially when you want something you believe only that dream location can deliver.

Maybe it’s the Pinterest effect from the hours spent before, during and after your engagement to assemble the ultimate wedding vision… only to discover it’s an out of reach fantasy.

Rather than throw in the towel, the great news is that it’s always possible to make a venue your own, even if it may not appear that way at the time.

Read on to discover how you can let what your heart be the overwhelming factor in this vital wedding planning decision.

Use props when you’re on the prowl

Bring something connected to your vision along on venue visits. While we’re setting everything up as ‘wedding ready’ for Love + Light, you won’t always be that lucky! Instead, it can take heaps of imagination to picture a potential wedding location as it will look on your big day.

Yes, the venue host may have visuals for you to reference, but we get that you’re an individual trying to find your own place in the wedding world and that’s important. Put together your own primer kit – props to help gett you in the mindset of planning your best day.

Take a couple of pages from your favourite wedding magazines, so you can hold them up in the venue and know whether it’s a match. Bring someone along to take pics – actual images of you at the venue mean it’s easier to imagine making it your own.

Bring your tribe on venue visits

There’s a fine line between getting too much and just the right amount of help to choose a venue. At the least bring your partner (they should have something to say on the matter!), a couple of besties (who always have your best interests at heart) and anyone else responsible for budget decisions (because when it comes down to dollars and cents, you want them to love the place as much as you do).

It’s also fantastic to bring along your planner (who can see what immediate needs must be addressed), stylist (so they know what kind of look will complement your venue) and photographer (to give you the heads up on your night-time lighting requirements so your after dark pics are perfect).

Between them, your professional team can also help you see possibilities you’d never imagined. Take your own notes, snap pics on your phone and get video footage. Ask your tribe to do the same as everyone will capture something different, which could end up being the make or break factor in your decision-making.

Dream big, then narrow it down

Your whole wedding is more than just the venue – we know that you’re planning accommodation, honeymoon, the rings, special gifts for each other… and it all adds up. When you’re planning allow your mind to run wild achieving every picture perfect Pinterest dream you’ve ever had, then start to reel things back in until you settle on something that just has to happen - no matter what!

By stretching and pulling at certain elements of your celebration you can allow for a non-negotiable - over the top festoon lighting, hanging greenery that would rival your closest Botanical Garden, outrageous furniture that forms a backdrop for the most audacious wedding photos anyone has ever seen. Go big like that in one particular area and you’ll well and truly make a venue your own, achieving everything your heart wants and more.

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