Getting the band back together: renewing your vows.

A significant period of time together is cause for celebration with your vow renewal ceremony a time to reflect, then look forward to the exciting next stage of your life.

There’s no hard and fast rule about how long a relationship should endure before getting the band back together for an event dedicated to its longevity. You may be ready to shout it from the rooftops after only a few years, but it’s ultimately your decision and shouldn’t come under question.

How big you go is also down to the individual. You may like to recreate the whole shebang, right down to getting your entire bridal party back together. Otherwise, you may like to substitute friends who may have gone by the wayside since your original big day. It’s really like a Choose Your Own Adventure, with the outcome whatever your heart desires.

To help with your decision-making process, we’ve put together a few factors that deserve your consideration.

Life’s eternal why: your best day Mark II

At Love + Light we’re always up for a party so we’re not ones to question your desire for vow renewal, but there may be a major reason behind your event. Perhaps you’re just an eternal romantic and want to recreate the magic one more time. Maybe you’d love to give your beautiful wedding gown a twirl on the dance floor, with your gorgeous partner by your side. Then go ahead and reprint images from your original ceremony and distribute them to guests, pulling on their heartstrings about what’s gone on in their lives since that point.

There may now be kids in the mix that wish they’d seen your big day – and you want to do anything possible to give them that experience. Make them part of the ceremony – an adult ‘child’ could even become your celebrant.

You may have gone to hell and back with your relationship – for whatever particular reason – and just want to celebrate the fact that you’ve come out the other side together. Find something that signifies your achievement and make it part of your overall theme.

Celebrate the good times: making it fun

Without the inevitable stress of the unknown when you first get married, your vow renewal offers a chance for some old fashioned fun. You really can celebrate the good times in a fabulous venue with standout wedding suppliers whose work is a cut above the rest.

If you’re thinking of Rutherglen for your special event, we’ve got an amazing and creative tribe assembled at Love + Light, who’ll give you a head start on your planning – see our full list here.

You may like to really funk things up from your original ceremony and go big with live music. If you’re looking at celebrating from lunchtime into the evening, you could even engage a few different performers to give your vow renewal something of a mini music festival vibe. Rather than a formal meal, you might want something more of a collective type theme, where small plates are passed so guests can mingle and catch up thoroughly after years apart.

Your photos will be a major part of the event, so don’t skimp on hiring the best photographer your budget will allow. These are forever memories to be captured in style!

To gift or not to gift: getting around the etiquette

You know those ads on TV where dinner guests madly scarper around the supermarket, wondering what to bring when they’re told “nothing”? This is the position some people find themselves in when you say “no gifts” at a significant event. It’s too hard for them to get their heads around – gift-giving is their thing and there’s no way you can stop them. For this reason, we suggest you offer an alternative. If you’re truly against the nature of receiving something so far into your relationship (when you’ve most likely got everything you need), make a suggestion for your favourite charity instead. It’s a way to pacify the natural givers of the world who just can’t help being their wonderful, generous selves. Everyone wins – your guests get to come to a great party and do some good at the same time.

Despite all your best efforts you may still end up with the odd gift here and there, so enjoy them! Your vow renewal ceremony is not designed to cause angst in any way. Cover your bases in advance and you’ll save any confusion for people in terms of etiquette moving forward.

The great news is that with these simple considerations now underway you’re ready to get planning! Look forward to seeing you at Love + Light 2020 where you’ll discover how fun your vow renewal ceremony will be in fabulous Rutherglen. Get your tickets today via this link.

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