Wedding Styling 101: Making an Event Your Own.

Styling your wedding can bring on as much anxiety as an inkblot test: you’re afraid if you say or do the wrong thing, the whole world’s going to look on in judgement.

You may know exactly what you see – or want to see – but lack confidence to put it into action. The great news is that we’re going to let you in on a little secret… you’re not the only one who feels this way. Even better? Planning your wedding styling can be fun – and we’re going to show you how with these simple steps.

1. Who are you? No really, who?!

We’re not asking you to head off on a 10 day silent retreat to get more intimate with the inner workings of your mind, but just give some thought to your likes and dislikes. A person who’s just committed to spending the rest of their lives with a special someone must know more than a little bit about themselves! But if you’re still stuck, how about starting with something simple - like colours. Do you prefer bold or pastel? Warm or cool? Light or dark? Red or pink… or both? Go back to our trusty old favourite - Pinterest - where you’ll find boards dedicated to single colours, colour palettes and entire schemes. Be prepared to get lost here and even more bamboozled, but when you come back to your shortlist over the space of a few weeks it’ll become easier to narrow things down.

2. Getting the look – linking it all together

Your overall wedding theme can run right through from your initial Save the Date cards through to your invitations, ceremony, reception, after party, thank you cards and your wedding albums. Common elements can be used within the colours, fonts and extras that make an event your own. You may like to frame your day with an era, using inspiration from a certain period of time to mark your style: think 1970s boho or 1920s art deco. Otherwise, you may be more of a bower bird, picking out timeless details from across the centuries to create a ‘best of’ showreel that’s beautiful, creative and unique. Give every idea time to breathe and don’t fall for any last minute changes - this is when you can start to second-guess yourself and steer wildly off-course!

3. Call in the professionals!

It’s okay to outsource - even more than okay, in fact it’s going to save you a lot of time and money! A professional wedding stylist knows the ins and outs of pulling together a stunning vision because it’s their ultimate passion. They live, breathe and sleep weddings, giving them a wealth of resources to draw on and bring your best day to life. Their minds are like virtual Pinterest boards and it’s quite something to watch them work their art. Even when you’ve got a pretty clear idea of how you want your wedding to be styled, a specialist will help with sourcing everything you need and be able to substitute items at the drop of a hat. Their contact list is a Rolodex of who’s who in the business - hugely beneficial when you’re planning a Destination Wedding - which makes them worth every cent and more!

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