5 wedding trends you need to know about in 2020

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Planning a wedding for next year? Congratulations! It’s such an exciting time, one that’s filled with love, laughter... and hundreds of questions to answer, decisions to make and plans to prepare. Where to begin?! By reading up on the latest must-know wedding trends, that’s where.

1. Statement veils

Brides have been turning heads with statement veils for centuries. But come 2020, brides are set to take the trend one step further by literally stitching statements into their veils. Bold brides will seize the chance to embroider their favourite quotes, song lyrics or messages into their veil, while those looking for a more classic, subtle take on the trend will opt for monograms and dates. It’s also a beautifully unique way to create a one-of-a-kind, yet traditional, heirloom to pass down to loved ones.

2. Fuss-free hair

Beehives, be gone! Next year’s brides are seeking more natural, fuss-free styles when it comes to their bridal ‘dos – a trend many in the industry are referring to as the Meghan Markle effect.

Well, a big thanks to Megs for her undone, tousled tresses. Brides everywhere can rest easy the night before their big day, knowing they don’t need to assign hours to achieving a carefully coiffed hairstyle. Instead, they’ll be embracing a lighter touch, stepping away from the hairspray and opting for an ‘undone bun’ or loose, flowing locks.

3. Eco-warrior weddings

Couples striving to reduce their carbon footprint are finding ways to inject sustainable planning into their wedding days, too. From the finer details, such as using paper straws and sending digital invitations in place of printing, to big-picture thinking that sees couples ensuring their chosen venue follows a robust recycling program, or sharing their flowers with a local nursing home after the big day. Other tactics adopted by eco-warrior wedding planners include upcycling decor wherever possible, using local, sustainably-sourced food products and working with a local charity to ensure any leftover food is donated to those in need.

4. Going unplugged

Put. Down. The. Smartphone. Why? Because going unplugged is one of the fastest-growing trends for 2020 lovebirds. Tech-free nuptials are seeing happy couples ban the use of all phones and social media, instead inviting their guests to experience the event through their own eyes, not via their iPhone’s screen. The refreshing move makes sense, given that couples hire professionals to document their day and would rather those images capture a crowd focused on the occasion, not their next social media post.

5. Ridding bad vibes

Word on the street is that wedding planners are offering ‘energy clearing’ as part of their services in 2020. Yep, thanks to sage or Palo Santo smoke, any bad vibes lingering around wedding venues and honeymoon suites from previous couples are banished. Jewellers working with heirloom or antique stones are on board with the move too, offering an energy clearing service to ensure no negativity is left in your ring’s gemstone or diamond by previous owners. Fresh start guaranteed.

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